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It’s been this way for a year, and there’s no end in sight for the comedian.

“I’m going to have the longest week ever,” he says in a recent phone interview.

“I always call work the traveling I do – when the flights are delayed and driving to and from the airport – that’s the work, and that’s what tires me out.

When I’m on stage, I come alive.” And to be honest, Koy enjoys being busy FULL STORY Jo Koy is on a mission to break the mold — but don’t expect him to get too political onstage even though he was raised by an immigrant mother.

In an era of Trump-isms, with the president tweeting comedic material almost hourly, Koy said he’s not taking the bait.

“I get involved in the political, but I don’t bring it to the stage because that’s not my style,” he said. It’s not even what I listen to.” FULL STORY If you take a long and winding road way up into the tree-lined North Hollywood hills, you will arrive at a meandering driveway lined with big, fancy cars.

You will park your car and you will venture into a charming bungalow replete with pool, a basketball court and a stunning view. FULL STORY It’s probably the only time a shopping mall in Winnipeg will be compared to New York’s John F.

Kennedy airport in 1964, but for Filipino-American comic Jo Koy, the two weren’t that far off this week. I felt like the Beatles when they came to the States.

That’s how I felt, like when I saw all that old footage of the Beatles coming to the States. FULL STORY JFL North West has already had to add another performance for comedian Jo Koy due to high demand. performance on March 7, 2018 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre is sold out, so the comedy fest has added a pm performance as well.

The Filipino-American, Tacoma-born standup comic–whose real name is Joseph Glenn Herbert–has been selling out theatres around North America.

FULL STORY Jo Koy has been making thousands laugh at his sold-out concerts at the Blaisdell, but the city made the comedian cry.

Koy sold out 11 shows as thousands snapped up tickets to see the comedian in action.