как получить джекпот в сабвей

Never stop doing that because they're only 500 and they can give a lot of coins, jackpot or not.

I just got 5,000 and doubled it into 10,000 by watching an ad.

I know this glitch.1mystery box(Don't collect it when you play)22 finger for 5 second and click down button(it's work only in android)3.

See you got character tokens.4it many time to make it works.

Second warning,it's only work after subway surfers holiday older version.

100 percentage u will get 900000 coins after spending around 150000 coins to open the mystery box and double it up with option double. Then go to the date change and put a date like 1 Janurary 2013. Keep on doing it until you see Seoul again and it is still 1 Janurary 2013.

Only on Tuesday u will get 900000 and double up with watching add . So guys have fun even today on 17 th Jan 2017 India also I got 900000 and double up and got 1800000. You must see something like 513 more days until Mina is gone, total wipe out.

If you want to keep going in that place,keep on going back in time! This might only work on android and MAY not go to the next place, you might skip this other place.

To cover it up, simply add the date you remember the game telling you to update it. NYCw Glitch is pick up a mystery box and then when your opening it hold the green colour for 10 seconds and then press the home button and then turn It off and turn it on and it will show you the prize you won and then you click and you will get anouther mystery box Jackpots happen at complete random.

If you want to get a Jackpot you need to have a lot of patience and be willing to spend a lot of coins if you don't want to actually play the game.

But if you have a ton of real money (USD/GBP/CAD) then you can buy the coins instead. You must have spent at minimum 25,000 coins in the shop and must have opened at least 38 boxes.

You also must have gotten at least 60 character trophies.