играть alcatraz бесплатно

Pay a visit to the infamous prison island with An Escape from Alcatraz, the online video slot from Belatra.

Discover how you could bid for freedom while spinning the reels to win instant cash prizes online.

But will you ever escape from the island or will you get banged up forever?

Here’s a review of An Escape From Alcatraz by Belatra with everything you need to know.

The game opens with the reels wedged in what is clearly a prison cell, with our convict lying on the floor next to a giant hole that he’s dug.

But he’s not the only living creature in there because a torrent of rats keep making their way across the foot of the screen, much to the convict’s disgust. Although the prisoner is trapped within a stone cell, the night sky twinkles behind the reels and the moon gives everything an unearthly glow.

There’s a clever animated sequence during breaks in game play where you can see the convict desperately trying to clear away the rubble to build his escape route. Escaping from such a secure location can’t be done during the day so this is your only chance for freedom. Although the prisoner urgently needs your help to find a way out, he’s going to have to wait for a while because you have more pressing business: cash prizes to win.

Before you start spinning the reels, take some time to check out the paytable to see exactly what booty you could scoop before you hotfoot it out of there.

You can navigate to the paytable by using the “help” button on the bottom left of the reels.

This reveals the winning positions for each of the symbols and what you could win for each.

Although the graphics on the main game are sharp and clear, they’re not such good quality on the paytable and takes a little getting used to.

This could be because everything is crammed onto one screen; it may have been better to spread this information out.